Your house will manage an illegitimate step-in, will block access doors, turns on the siren or lighting and warns you on mobile phone and to the police.

You can see your house anytime from anywhere on mobile phone, tablet, pc over installed cameras. You can even move your cameras with servomotor. This enables you to look over the whole room, street or garden.


By using an infrared light you can watch your street entrance or a swimming pool and in case your children or whoever illegitimate steps over the watched zone, you will be warned.

Entrance systems
Entrance to the building and to all of the closed rooms can be done by biometric sensor that scans your fingerprint, thus you have no troubles with classical keys.

 Gas and fire
Gas detectors will warn you when a higher concentration of dangerous gases or smoke appears and initialize ventilation or fire quenching in case of fire.

 There are many other devices available,  like contact sensors, glass-braking sensors, flood detectors etc.


fig.1 Watching a swimming pool entrance by ingrared beam

multi system scheme security

obr.2 You have under control your house security anytime and anywhere by your mobile, tablet, pc


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