Frequently asked questions


What the intelligent house is ?

Intelligent house acts as you have defined. Another actions can be executed remotely by your smartphone, tablet, pc or directly in the house by switches. Each of the switch in the house is able to control more devices and it is up to you, which of them. 'Central-off' is a favorite function by which you will switch off all the lights, roll jalousies or turn off the required equipment -all by single-click. The intelligent house monitors energy consumption (electricity, gas, water) and you can see it on display. For more info you can visit our page Intelligent living.


What advantages does it provide ?

Intelligent house gives you many advantages and it depends what you want your house to do. For more info you can visit our page Intelligent living.


How does it work ?

At classical electrical installations, the lighting and the other devices are controlled by mechanical switches, where the switch opens or closes the electrical switch. At the intelligent installation the switch sends messages over communication bus to the other bus devices. The message is being processed and based on the system settings, the actions are executed e.g. switch on/off the light, roll up/down jalousies, etc...
Another possibilities of various functions switching and activating are automatically by system or by smartphone, tablet, pc.


I have a house/apartment at which I already live and I want to have done an intelligent installation. Is it possible ?

Yes, in this case the best possibility is wireless solution where no building actions nor cabeling installations are necessary.


How is the intelligent installation being implemented?

The installation is basically done in two phases. During first phase we install power and signalling cables. The second phase is done after the building works are ready. During this phase we install devices and equipment, configure, setup and run-up the system.

Wireless solution is done at once, as the installation of cables is not necessary and such solutions we carry out basically in finished houses and apartments.


How to proceed if I want intelligent home control ?


Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or by contact form on our web site. We will meet you, present our solutions, discuss your requirements and design solution.


What is the functional and price comparison of classical and intelligent installation ?


It is not correct to compare these two terms. Intelligent installation provides various possibilities, like comfort, security, control, save and monitoring of energy consumption, minimal energy dependence, mainly in terms of gas distribution risks/malfunctions. Furthermore the intelligent building acts automatically and this decreases amount of your work and duties. You can and control and see your house or building by smartphone, tablet or pc from any place in the world.

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