Intelligent & Electro installations
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Intelligent & Electro installations

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We realize intelligent and conventional electrical installations for houses, administrative and industrial buildings, apartment blocks, offices and hotels.
Our electronic and programming experts configure and set up the intelligent installation. Such a solution makes your building fully or partially automatical - lights switching and dimming, light scenes, windows blinding & jalousies, heating control, garden flooding, intelligent security and surveillance, energy saving and many other functions.

Our electricity workers and partners have licenses for works with voltages up to 52 kV and have longtime experiences and relevant licenses. We provide high quality works and realize complete installations including a project documentation preparation, all based on client's requirements. 
our services include:



intelligent installation and configuration

  • control systems setup - KNX, Loxone, Niko, Inels
  • lights, dimming lights, light scenes
  • jalousies control based on sunlight intensity
  • energy, heating and cooling control
  • integration with security and surveillance systems
  • garden flooding control


installation of low voltage (LV) equipment up to 1 kV

  • inner and outer electrical installations
  • delivery and assembling of LV distribution cases
  • LV transformation stations
  • measurement and regulation


  • telecommunication links distribution and cabling
  • data and optical cabling
  • street and parking place lighting 
  • energy saving lighting design and installation


installation of high voltage (HV) equipment up to 52 kV

  • transformation stations
  • cabling
  • HV distribution
  • delivery and assembling of HV distribution cases

All of our workers attend regular trainings for work security rules as well as regular health checks.

Electro-installations for big buildings and solutions we realize in co-operation with our partners or as subvendor. 

We design and assemble also photovoltaic systems for family houses, hotels, administrative and commercial buildings.


 We realize electro-installations:

  GERMANY -  N├╝rnberg, Munich

  AUSTRIA - Vienna, Eastern Austria, Burgenland

  SLOVAKIA - Bratislava, Trnava, Kosice, Presov



nurnberg 3

Nurnberg, Rathsbergstrasse - intelligent electro-installation

nurnberg 2

Nurnberg, Nordostpark - electro-installation

nurnberg 1

Rothenbach - intelligent electro-installation


Krems - intelligent electro-installation


wien 1

Wien, Lavantgasse - intelligent electro-installation

wien 2

Wien, Suengweg - intelligent electro-installation

zah bystrica

Bratislava, Zahorska Bystrica - surveillance system


Bratislava, Ticha - intelligent electro-installation





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