You can control your house by more ways. Controlling is simple and intuitive. There are simple icons and images on your display, by which you will activate particular functions.

 Smartphone, PC, tablet
Controlling by smartphone, pc or tablet enables you to have your house, building or garden under control anytime from anywhere. Doesn't matter if you are at work, on visit, business trip or holiday, you can control and see it, you just need connection to the internet.


TV screen
Another functionality for multimedia is using remote control of your TV screen. You can use it while having a rest or watching TV, by displaying the home or garden status, rooms, check your children.. the same as by using mobile phone, pc, tablet.


By click, double-click or click-and-hold you can control lighting, dimming and jalousies.
We have various designs and colors of switches.
Our new type of switches enable you to activate a pre-programmed home functionality. E.g. by a simple click at leaving your home or building, you will turn off electrical circuits, close jalousies, heating will go lower, turn off some of electrical devices etc. We will prepare the automatic program according to your requirements.

 gewiss switch 1



Remote control
Another functionality of controlling the home is remote control. In case you have wireless electrical installation, you have got an appropriate remote control panel, that communicate on frequency of 868 MHz.
Illustrative picture

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