Intelligent living created by Arten+ enables you to live easily, safely and economically. We will provide your house, apartment, shop, office, hotel or any other building with the functionalities described below.
You can teach your house or apartment how to behave at various situations, during your presence at home, or presence of your children or visitors. There are many possibilities available:

The lighting will change your indoor and garden by using the latest RGB LED or bulbs. These you can combine with lighting intensity driving and dimming, all according to your fantasy. The newest LEDs and bulbs have low energy consumption and by using 12V or 24V voltage in the building you will save even more energy.
All the lighting scenes we will set as pre-defined and you will just activate them by simple switch-clicking.

 Windows and jalousies
Opening and closing the windows and jalousies by switches or automatically according to the weather changes.

Automatic garden flooding controlled by weather sensors which measure the actual humidity, temperature, sun brightness intensity, etc.

Remote control
You can remotely open and close e.g. house entrance door or garage gate for your children or visitors, in case your are not at home.
All of these and many other functionalities you can control by using your smartphone, tablet or pc.
The other possibilities are e.g. 'Party' functionality , where by simple click you will activate scene for your celebration: main lights will be switched off, RGB lights and air ventilation will be activated, jalousies will be partially closed (according to the actual sun light intensity), music starts play on pre-defined volume, heating will be activated on pre-defined room temperature, swimming pool infrared alarm will be deactivated and its lighting will be switched on.
Another functionality is 'Central-off' which you will use when leaving the house: by simple click, all the lights and equipment will be deactivated and heating will go on minimum, what enables you to save energy consumption.
There are many possibilities and all depends on your requirements, ideas and creativity.

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